Compression Stockings

Improve Blood Flow in Your Arms and Legs With Our Quality Compression Hosiery

Top-Name Brands and Styles of Compression Hosiery

You'll have a lot of options to pick from, including Medi, Jobst, and Ted hosiery. Pick the right stockings that go with any outfit.

At Jupiter Drugs & Medical Supplies, we offer delivery services. We try to keep to a route and service different routes on different days. We'll let you know how soon we can deliver.

Custom Fit Compression Stockings for Your Comfort 

  • Two trained fitters as part of the staff to fit you with the right stocking, compression, and size
  • We offer a wide variety of compression stockings of different lengths and sizes
  • Custom garments are also available (some may require a prescription)

Experienced Fitting Specialists

You'll appreciate that our fitting specialists will take the time to properly measure you and apply their wisdom to find you the right fit. We offer competitive prices!
Call us today for FREE local delivery.
Compression hosiery doesn't have to be ugly. And it doesn't have to be constricting. Our team will help you find the right style and fit.
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