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Ease Your Pain With Our High-Quality Sports Braces and Supports

Get FLA Orthopedics® Braces and Supports

Our experience has shown that FLA Orthopedics® consistently meets the orthopedic and support needs of our customers. FLA Orthopedics® supplies the best products in sports braces and supports. That's why we specialize in their product lineup to help ensure that you get the best fit and usage.

Get custom-fitted sports braces or supports from Jupiter Drugs & Medical Supplies. We offer competitive prices and treat people like family, not cattle! Call us or visit us today!


Discover Our Wide Range of Options to Suit Your Needs

Not everyone needs a top-of-the-line brace or support system. Sometimes you may need it just for a week. That's why we carry many options for you.


Count on Our Fitting Specialists

You want your brace to be comfortable when you wear it. A properly fitted sports brace is required for providing effective support. Our two fitting specialists will work with you to find the right design and fit to suit your needs.


Caring for You Like You're Family

Being hurt is never a fun experience. That's why you'll always be treated like family at Jupiter Drugs & Medical Supplies. When you come in to get a brace or support, we'll always take the time to help you find the right one with the best fit.

Braces And Supports Available

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